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One hour Jin Shin Session

TODAY ONLY - the rate is $88.00

regularly $111.00

This price will end at 9pm on 8-25-2023

A Jin Shin Jyutsu® session, received fully clothed, is about an hour. After assessment, the practitioner employs a harmonizing sequence appropriate for unblocking pathways and restoring the energy flow.

During a session, heart-to-heart communication, deep listening, and gentle touch facilitate restoration.

While each session is unique to each person, a common response is one of deep relaxation.

Acute, chronic, or mysterious physical conditions and emotional states, as well as a sense of feeling stuck or trapped, indicate imbalanced or blocked energy which may be best addressed through a series of sessions. The effects of Jin Shin Jyutsu® are cumulative. A session series may provide the greatest benefit; and sessions scheduled within a shorter period may be more effective than sessions spaced widely apart.


Before your session if you feel it necessary to eat, it is recommended that you have a light meal instead of a heavy meal. Less in the stomach is better during energy work.

After your session the energy movement from your session will still be moving for approximately eight more hours. To receive the best results from your session it is recommended to stay hydrated and take it easy. This doesn’t mean doing an intense spin class after your session – you know who you are.

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