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Yoga by the Pool

I had never tried Jin Shin Jyutsu  before and had no idea what it was, but my first session absolutely blew me away. Despite the technique being deceptively simple, I fell into the most relaxed state I’d ever been in during a bodywork session (and I’ve had a lot). I’ve seen Dave regularly now for several weeks and I can feel my body becoming more aligned, chronic pain I’ve had for years diminishing, and my overall sense of well being flourishing. Dave is an incredible practitioner and I’m truly grateful to have found him. I recommend Dave and Jin Shin Jyutsu wholeheartedly!"

-- Emily

Warm Up on the Beach

I must say THANK YOU to both Dave Burrows and Jin Shin Jyutsu.  I was experiencing some very serious health issues when I met Dave (thru FaceBook).  He heard about my illness and he offered to do a JSJ session for me.  When I told him I couldn’t even get out of bed to travel to his office, he offered to come to me.  Who does that in today’s world?!  Dave is an incredibly caring man and a talented JSJ practioner.  JSJ is a POWERFUL energy healing tool.  I have done several other energy healing modalities and nothing compares with JSJ.  I experienced noticeable benefits from my first session.  I continued to work with Dave throughout my illness and I swear, he brought me back to life again!  Thank you Dave and Thank you Jin Shin Jyutsu!   -- Toni

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